Welcome to the wonderful world of Canoe Imports. It is our pleasure to introduce you to our collection of unique tribal rugs, kilims, dazzling suzanis, woven nomadic tent elements, primitive and elegant furniture, pillows, old pots, jewelry and clothing. All are of artistic and ethnographical Central Asian significance.

Why “Canoe”? Because it suggests adventure, and not knowing what’s around the bend. Adventure is where you find it – visually, physically, intellectually, and even emotionally. Something different; something to learn about. I love going to Istanbul, Turkey to start my buying trips – never know what I’ll find. I have long-established sources that help me find the best in all of our categories.

Our rugs and textiles are in sort of a code – the code of the individual weaver. They incorporate the soul of the weaver. No machine- made product can do that. I want my clients to be excited about the things they buy from us, and I want to build long-lasting relationships with satisfied customers. Most of all I want to help them add beauty to their surroundings at reasonable prices.






kilims oriental rugs louisville







kilims oriental rugs louisville



oriental rugs details louisville ky

 oriental rugs, louisville ky

now open in nulu

216 s.shelby street

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While looking for beads (for jewelry-making) in Istanbul, I was totally sidetracked by the stunning textiles done by nomadic and village women- infinite patterns and use of color. I wanted to see more and learn more.


I was showing my jewelry at Arabian and Egyptian horse shows, so I started bringing a few textiles back and incorporating them in my displays. My customers were delighted and wanted me to bring more.That’s how it started twenty years ago. Today Canoe has grown into a resource for unique and beautiful rugs, textiles and artifacts from the markets in Istanbul and country areas of Turkey.


Please include Canoe in your Louisville shopping plans located in the eclectic and extraordinary Nulu district. Here are just some the opinions our customers have shared with us as to why they truly love shopping at Canoe:



"One of the rare stores in Louisville..."

"Most interesting and under advertised! A one of a kind store within a fabulous space."

"...they add such a personal unique touch to my home... I love shopping at Canoe!"

"When I want to leave Louisville but don't have time to travel I go to Canoe."


"Canoe is spectacular. Where in Louisville can you find such beautiful, exotic treasures?"













Proud to be in the Nulu District

216 s. shelby street

louisville, ky 40202



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